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Can I Adjust My Own Neck??

Can I Adjust My Own Neck? Chiropractor in Bremerton answers your question. Schedule with Health by Design with Dr. Thomas Basile today!

Does the VA Cover Chiropractic Care?

The VA Veteran's Administration covers chiropractic care for veterans with a referral from their PCP. Health By Design in Bremerton treats veterans.

What is Inflammation?

What is inflammation? Inflammation occurs naturally from injuries like car accident injuries, sports injuries and work injuries. Chiropractic help injuries.

One Simple Step At A Time

?Embarking on a healthy lifestyle may seem overwhelming. Don't let that stop you. Make one healthy change, then make another - just keep going. Before...

You Are Valuable

You are important and your life is precious and valuable. Don't forget to take care of yourself - mind, body and spirit!