Can I Adjust My Own Neck??


No. Some people may be able to make their joints "pop", but that's not a chiropractic spinal adjustment.

The purpose of a chiropractic spinal adjustment is to improve spinal joint motion in spinal joints that have abnormal reduced motion and to improve nervous system function.

When a chiropractor provides a spinal adjustment, the goal is to increase and improve the spinal joint motion. When some spinal joints don't move fully, others compensate and move more than normal. So when a person can "pop" their own spinal joints, it is usually that they are moving joints that already move too much. It will make them feel better temporarily, but it won't be permanent and they will feel the need to "pop' the joint again a few hours later.

When we treat people to help their spinal problems, they usually can no longer "pop" their own spinal joints and they usually lose the urge to do so. This is because their spine is now healthier and moving better and does not cause them pain and pressure and stiffness like it was before treatment.

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