What is Inflammation?

What is Inflammation?

What is inflammation? The inflammatory process is our body’s way of attempting to heal itself.

If you accidentally bang your thumb with a hammer, it swells up and it hurts. The swelling is the inflammatory process.

The inflammatory process is a function of your immune system. It is natural, good, and normal and should occur when our bodies are injured.

However, the inflammatory process should be short term and acute. Your body should heal itself in a reasonable amount of time. If it does not heal itself in a reasonable time, there is usually something interfering with the healing process. When this happens, inflammation becomes chronic and that is abnormal.

Chronic inflammation is actually damaging to your tissues. It can cause long term or permanent damage to the injured tissues. This is why it is essential to receive proper treatment as soon after an injury as possible. So that your body has the best opportunity to heal itself before the injury becomes chronic.

The best treatment for most musculoskeletal injuries is early frequent movement. This is where chiropractic and massage combined with therapeutic exercises plays an important role in your fast and optimal recovery.

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