Why is the name of our clinic Health By Design Wellness Center

The human body was DESIGNED and created to be healthy, to function normally, to self regulate, and to heal itself if problems occur, as long as there is nothing interfering with the normal function, self regulation, and self healing

Damaged areas of the spine, what are known as SPINAL SUBLUXATIONS, interfere with the master control system of the human body, the NERVOUS SYSTEM. When the nervous system is interfered with the body cannot function normally, cannot self regulate properly, and cannot heal itself properly. As a result, the body breaks down to a state of DIS-EASE (lack of ease) and is much more susceptible to DISEASE.

Chiropractic spinal adjustments reduce or correct these spinal subluxations and consequently the body begins to function better and as a result is much healthier.

Pain and other health problems are often improved dramatically because the human body has an amazing ability to heal, as long is there is no interference with that healing.

Other factors can interfere with normal body function, self regulation, and healing such as:

Stress Poor quality sleep Not enough exercise Too much exercise The wrong type of exercise Poor diet and nutrition ...and many more Our mission is to improve the function of people's nervous systems, primarily by reducing or correcting spinal subluxations, and in addition teach, guide, and coach people to live healthier lifestyles and remove the other things that interfere with their body's function and health.

Getting and staying healthy is really that simple! Isn't that great?

And although simple, it is not necessarily easy because it does take effort. The effort, however, is well worth it because the result is a healthier and happier life.

Most people want a healthier and happier life. We can help you achieve it.