Regular, Vigorous Exercise May Lengthen Your Life: Study

Regular, Vigorous Exercise May Lengthen Your Life: Study

Intense workouts seem more beneficial than less-intense ones, researchers say

Regular vigorous physical activity may be the answer to boosting longevity.

A new study that followed over 204,000 people over age 45 for six years found that the death rate during the course of the study for those who said up to 30% of their physical activity was vigorous was 9% lower than those who reported no vigorous activity.

Participants who reported that over 30% of their exercise was vigorous were 13% more likely to survive the study than those who performed no vigorous exercise.

I have been a proponent for the last few years of increasing vigorous exercise and reducing the overall amount of exercise performed. You can accomplish more and gain greater benefit in a shorter period of time with this approach.

Here is a link to a report on the study.

National Institute of Health Report on Vigorous Exercise

Here is a link to more information about how to perform vigorous exercise and about the benefits.

Great Interview With Dr. Joseph Mercola and Phil Campbell About Vigorous Exercise

Demonstration of Vigorous Exercise Using a Recumbent Bicycle

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